Aboout Suprava Panchashila Mahila Uddyog Samity


Murshidabad is the backward district in the state of West Bengal. This district is vulnerable due to 151 km. porous Indo-Bangladesh border, unsafe migration, lack of local industry, soil-erosion etc.The long international border resulted in the district being a hub of commercial sex activity.

Suprava has been started working in the last 19 years with the women in prostitution and their children at 4 redlight areas in Murshidabad. Many children of the red-light areas are suffering from malnutrition, early marriage,early pregnancy,unsafe migration and violence against them. We work with them encompassing leadership development,empowerment, Right to education and life skill education to stop next generation prostitution. We work closely with community at grassroots ,Govt. and law enforcement agencies.

We have reduced school dropout,early marriage of girls’and exploitation of children through child participation and child friendly club(CFC).Not only that the children of Red light areas have develop the skill with capacity of better adaptability to the challenging situation to make them free from unhealthy environment through Life skill education. Till date We have saved the life of 1200 Red-light areas children and have made 1600 Women in prostituting (WIP)who are the strong supporters of child rights. Please extend your support to continue our programmes and we look to start livelihood programmes for our 50 rescued girls’ through survivors’ collectives.

Vision/Mission and Core Values Statement:

Vision (What is our organization aiming to accomplish): To develop credibility of women folk and children to meet the socio-economic vulnerability, ensuring health, social economical and educational environment.

Mission (What are our strategies for making this happen): To facilitate and enhance effective participation of the women and children and rural and urban area to fight against vulnerability through education, information dissemination, advocacy, networking, capacity building, research, care, support and treatment service by involving Civil Society Organization (CSO).

Core values: Credibility towards reality: It is a challenge to make the people aware about the facts of life and living in respect of development in our developing country with limited resource with a view to credible themselves through their participation in the sustainable development.